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Official Peace Corps Site - A great place for those who want to read the official party line or may be interested in joining.

Peace Corps Crossroads - A huge list of Peace Corps related site here, even ones critical of the PC.

Peace Corps list of Unofficial Peace Corps-related links - Just that...a list of unofficial links provided by the folks at the Peace Corps.

U.S. State Dept. Travel Advisory Sheet - Feeling adventurous? Planning a visit to Gabon? Read this first.

Peace Corps Family Support Network - Got a member of the family or a friend in the Peace Corps? Thinking about joining? Then go to this page for tips and info.

Peace Corps Guinea and Stephanie Chasteen - Stephanie is a Health Education and Community Development volunteer currently serving in Africa. This site was the inspiration for my own and contains some interesting letters and photos.

Peace Corps Days In Sierra Leone by Lisa Walker - Lisa was a Fisheries volunteer in Africa (1985-1986). This site contains an incredible number of rather compelling journal entries and letters home arranged chronologically. This is an extremely interesting site because Lisa actually terminated her service early. In a nutshell, she felt that her project assignment was neither effective nor necessary and that there was not enough work for her to do to justify fulfilling her commitment.

Letter Home from Leslie Sheppard - Leslie is a volunteer currently (I think) serving in Gabon and working in some capacity (which I can not determine) for the same program I will be participating in. He started his service in 1996 and his friend posted his letters home. Unfortunately, the letters stopped coming or, perhaps, stopped being posted to the Internet in 1997. Nevertheless, some of them are quite interesting an offer a taste of what I may experience.

Jill's Chaskes Adventure in Nepal - Jill is a Education volunteer currently serving in Nepal. She seems to be enjoying the experience immensely.

World Health Organization Division of Control of Tropical Diseases - Learn everything you could want about Dracunculiasis eradication, Lymphatic Filariasis (...the adult filarial worm lives in the lymphatic vessels near the lymph nodes, inducing distortion, dysfunction and inflammation of the lymphatic system. Adult worms are often lodged in the lymphatics of the spermatic cord causing scrotal enlargement and damage...Yikes!) elimination, African Trypanosomiasis, Malaria prevention and control and all sorts of other scary maladies I might pick up in the jungle. Am I complaining about swollen glands, fevers, all-over body rashes or intestinal worms (everyone needs to have a pet) poking out of places best left unmentioned? Take a trip to this page and play doctor for a day. Send me a letter and let me know what I might have contracted, it'll be great fun for all of us

Carole McCallum & Matt Sesow - Solomon Islands 1998-2001 - Description to come soon.